Self-driven advancement is one of Ripple Effect Promotions’ biggest perks. We know what we must do to succeed, and we’re promptly promoted once we master the necessary skills. This policy gives us full control of our careers, and we all embrace it.

According to Yerik, the President of Ripple Effect Promotions, “We have had a lot of promotions in our office over the past few months. Everyone on our team is committed to hard work and also to helping each other grow their careers. They are good at giving and receiving feedback as well.”

Most recently, Ruben, Austin, and Jonathan were promoted to leadership. Here are a few of the steps they took to secure their career growth:

• Exceed Expectations: Our team members are always clear on goals and expectations. When they go above and beyond these objectives, we know they’re ready and eager to move forward.

• Build Relationships: The most successful people have more than knowledge and talent. They have solid support systems, with colleagues and loved ones who offer valuable insights and opportunities.

• Stay Positive: Instead of dwelling on problems, team members show their potential by focusing on solutions. They stay focused on the best possible outcomes of every situation. Even setbacks have lessons to offer.

Congratulations to Ruben, Austin, and Jonathan for their achievements! Visit our Ripple Effect Promotions Newswire to stay informed of our latest developments.

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“We help brands establish a presence in marketplaces that they might not otherwise get an opportunity to be in.”

— Aaron

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara