In many ways, interviewing is a performance. It’s important to know the audience and craft the message in a way that resonates with them. Even as you are performing, however, authenticity is a must. When hiring for Ripple Effect Promotions, we’ve discovered that these points help candidates deliver with sincerity:

• Know Your Résumé: The résumé is a reference point for the interviewer, but need not function as such for the interviewee. He or she should already be familiar with every detail on it. When someone is intimately aware of his or her value, and can tailor it to the position in question, the person’s confidence and capability are clear.

• Do the Research: We can tell when a candidate is truly interested in joining Ripple Effect Promotions. He or she knows about our mission and values, and can identify our latest achievements and biggest challenges. It’s even more impressive when the individual can describe his or her potential impact.

• Rehearse: Just like it’s clear when an applicant can thoroughly discuss the details on his or her résumé, we know when someone has prepared for the interview itself. Responses to questions have plenty of substance, body language is on point, and there are insightful inquiries for the interviewer.

These guidelines will help you win over your interviewer and allow your true self to shine. Follow Ripple Effect Promotions on [Twitter] for more insights like these.

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— Aaron

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— Sara