Scoring an interview is quite an achievement, and you deserve to celebrate. The journey isn’t over yet, of course, with the interview between you and the career opportunity you desire. There are many steps you can take to make a positive impact on the big day. Here are some methods that catch our attention when we’re seeking the right talent to join Ripple Effect Promotions.

Top applicants know their résumés inside and out. When we refer to the documents and ask related questions, interviewees should be familiar with the content and prepared to provide supplemental details. They should also be able to explain how their achievements and backgrounds make them worthy of hire. Before your meeting, read through your résumé a few times and practice commenting on each of the points.

We’re also impressed when candidates are knowledgeable of Ripple Effect Promotions. It’s clear when someone has perused our latest press releases to find out about our achievements and read through our website to learn about our mission and values. Some individuals even visit LinkedIn to learn about our hiring managers and use their newfound insights to build rapport during their interviews. Remember to commit some important details to memory prior to your appointment.

These interview techniques will help you position yourself for a job offer. Follow Ripple Effect Promotions on Twitter for more career advancement ideas.

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— Aaron

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— Sara