Team Ripple Effect Promotions works hard. But that’s good, because we counter our diligence with some pretty nice perks, like travel to R&R retreats in locales far and wide. Our most recent excursion brought us to Las Vegas. While the motto might be what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we’re not keeping quiet about how much fun we had and why we’re so happy to work for a company that offers rewards such as fabulous, all-expenses-paid trips.

Yerik, Ripple Effect Promotions’ President, agrees that these adventures are worth the investment in our team. In fact, business travel can have a positive and lasting impact on any operation. Here are a few reasons to consider hitting the road for work:

• Networking: When we go to new places, we get to meet others in our industry. Business trips can bring us face to face with people we’ve maybe exchanged emails with or have connected with through social media. More often, we get to add to our contact lists in meaningful ways.

• Learning: The knowledge transfer opportunities at conferences and retreats like the one in Vegas are phenomenal. The keynote speakers and workshop presenters are all industry success stories, so we’re able to pick their brains on what we can do to raise our chances to excel. Plus, we get to exchange best practices with people from other regions.

• Incentive: As soon as a trip is announced, our people work feverishly to hit their targets so they can go. While we’re always productive, the added chance to go somewhere awesome like Vegas energizes our office.

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“We help brands establish a presence in marketplaces that they might not otherwise get an opportunity to be in.”

— Aaron

“Products are meant to be interacted with – in person. That is how we blend traditional marketing with the modern methods.”

— Sara