Recently, Team Ripple Effect Promotions lost a valued member. Scott Wolf was an intern with us and unfortunately passed away before completing the program. We’re creating an award to honor the energy and dedication Scott brought to our office and keep his memory alive.

Yerik, our firm’s President, noted that Scott was a very goal-oriented person who wanted to contribute to the Ripple Effect Promotions mission. He took a lot of pride in his work, which inspired people around him to do the same. Scott was always hungry for success, which made him the ideal example for anyone who comes on board with our organization. He wasn’t afraid to go the extra mile, never giving up when there was a problem that needed to be solved.

We’re creating the Scott Wolf award because we want his knack for overcoming adversity to be something every new hire strives to replicate. Yerik added that Scott’s passion for his work was another inspiration for the award. His dedication to helping people made him successful, and we want that spirit to live on within our office.

Scott gained a lot of experience and knowledge during his time with our company. We’re happy that he was able to apply what he learned here to reach important goals, such as becoming a captain of his lacrosse team at FAU.

We’re proud to highlight Scott Wolf and the contribution he made to Ripple Effect Promotions. Learn more about the award we’ve created in his honor by following us on Twitter.

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