Our mornings ultimately establish the tone for our entire day. This effect is one we’ve observed in our Ripple Effect Promotions office. There’s a different feel when our morning routines and commutes are smooth and interesting. Let’s explore how we can begin every day on a positive note.

The first way to improve the quality of our days is to wake up early each day. If we tend to be late risers, we might want to set a goal to move our wake-up time 30 minutes to an hour earlier, or whatever time allows us to feel less frantic or rushed in the morning. This practice can facilitate leaving earlier for our commutes, so we’re more assured to achieve punctual arrivals.

Our Ripple Effect Promotions culture nurtures a stimulating workplace. We’ve noted that taking time in the morning to get our blood pumping is a good way to maintain such an atmosphere. We either make time to go to the gym or partake in invigorating walks around our neighborhoods.

Releasing ourselves from mundane routines is paramount to a positive daily practice. In our Ripple Effect Promotions meetings, we encourage our people to experiment with new techniques. From a morning perspective, we can select different breakfast options daily that we enjoy comfortably at home before we depart. On our ride to work, we can rotate playlists that are upbeat and provide a mental boost.

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— Aaron

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— Sara