One of the points we’ve discussed during our Ripple Effect Promotions recruitment process is how to learn more about candidates beyond their résumés. For our firm, culture is everything and we seek candidates who will fit in well with our team. These qualities need to be uncovered during the interview. Therefore, we’ve been researching questions that can elicit candid responses. Here are three we’ve come across that are different but could be effective:

• How Lucky Are You?: In our Ripple Effect Promotions workplace, we believe that everyone is able to succeed if they take ownership of their career trajectories. The response to this question tends to draw out whether someone sees success, or lack thereof, as always tied to outside influences.

• What Is the Last Costume You Wore?: This question is interesting because it speaks to the candidates’ playfulness as well as their creativity. Since we have a fun environment, it’s important for our team to hire someone who has an imagination and doesn’t always take themselves seriously.

• What Would You Do if Martians Invaded the Earth?: Our motto in the Ripple Effect Promotions office is to prepare to think on our feet. When candidates are posed a question that is seemingly unexpected, even absurd, it gives us a chance to see how they respond with impromptu solutions. Any variety of situations can be used to get applicants thinking spontaneously.

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